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Eye Care
Operation Facilities:
  STELLARIS BOUSCH AND LOMB- Surgery of cataract through American Pheco machine and also provide easy self usable lenses.
  Issues in membrane after cataract operation and biopsy of Glaucoma by Nd-Yag Laser (Leserex USA)
  MOLLER-WEDEL is introduced Germany as one of the microscopic operation
  Glaucoma Surgery
  Vitrio-retinal operation
  Treatment of canker, eyelid, squint, pterygium and other eye diseases.
  Operation date: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Test Facilities  
  SHIN-NIPPON (JAPAN) AUTOREF: Prescription of eyeglasses.
  NEITZ (JAPAN) INDIRECT OPHTHALMO SCOPE: Testing of retinal diseases.
  HAAG STREIT SLIT-LAMP(SWISS): Deep and core examination of eyes.
  B & H SYNAPTOPHORE: Examining strabismus and muscle exertion
  DIGITAL FUNDUS CAMERA (KOWA-JAPAN) AND NIDEK-DIODE GREEN LASER (JAPAN): Checks diabetes and treatment of blood clot.
  CONTACT LENS CLINIC: All type of lenses
  OCU VUE(USA) OCT: Examination of Cornea, Glaucoma and Retina